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HDC Website Personal Information Privacy
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The Hayward Dance Club (HDC) website has an access system where each website has a level of priviledge that gives them access to see different types of data and different functionality to change it.

The website attempts the access and privacy needs in a good way.

  • As a social dance club, we want to make it easier to get to know more about our fellow members and make it easier to invite more members to join us.
  • We want to protect contact information from people we don't know well.
  • We want to allow users of the website (members and guests) control of what they are willing to share and with whom.
  • We want guests to participate in surveys, getting our online newsletter, and helping them to get to know the people they shared a dance with to encourage them to join us.
  • We may want to facilitate joint events with other clubs.

So we do have options to protect my personal information?

To do a balanced job of the above, the website gives everyone a login and password to access the non public information and features. They are also given an access or privilege level that entitles them to different features:

    # 1
  1. The special login account that can be given to guests for the sole purpose of adding their information into the Add User form for guest registration form. This login has the sole access to that form and has no other access. They have no access to the website People 411 directory.
  2. # 2
  3. All guests, staff, and everyone who has a login account. This level grants access to club faqs, brief directory and headshots with very limited or no contact information (names, city, zip code, and emails).
  4. # 3
  5. For full members, they have access to your full contact information unless you change that (see next paragraph).

What does the above have to do with who can see what about my information?

  1. Users at this level can see your name, city, state, and zip.
  2. Users at this level can see your email, photo, name, city, state, and zip.
  3. Users at this level can see your phone, mailing address, photo, and name.
  4. Users at this level see the same but have delegate administrative rights.
  5. Users at and above this level are normally on the board of directors and can see all of your contact information in order to help with administering the club and the dance events.
  6. What if I don't want that?

    You can go to the My Preferences page and make specific selections of who can access what and when. If you don't see an option that expresses your wishes, fill out the feedback form and ask for what you want.

Questions, feedback, or website issues; please let us know by filling out the feedback form or emailing Webmaster.
Last Modified: November 09 2023 @ 13:26 PST