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Most feedback on the HDC website is managed from a web form that creates a database record and also sends email to the appropriate member of the board of directors and the requester. The feedback webform can be reached from the purple navbar link at the top of every website page or the feedback link at the footer of every web page. The form provides 7 entries (6 mandatory, as delineatied by an asterix in the label) to identify the exact type of issue or help needed. The labels of the information types in the left column of the form are links to their respective help page which will explain what they are, what types of information they are looking for, and the meanings of any menu items. If a mandatory field is not filled in, upon submission the form will identify which ones are missing and direct the requester to click on the back button of their browser to enter the missing information.

The form is open to anyone, and for any member or guest who is logged into their website account, many of the form fields are pre-populated. Once the mandatory fields are filled in and the 4 digit captcha image text box is filled in (e.g. enter the 4 digit number from the image in the box near the bottom of the page), click on the Submit Feedback button at the bottom of the page. You should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes.

Questions, feedback, or website issues; please let us know by filling out the feedback form or emailing Webmaster.
Last Modified: December 30 2021 @ 08:02 PST