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Whoa, what's with the new website?
In January 2020 our new Membership Chairman, Jerry Bowes, signed up to take over the website from Michael Nelson. Given his background with website design, Jerry began designing a new site that would make managing the club easier and enable the membership more options for "self service" for things like selecting menu options at dance events, arranging seating with friends, and signing up guests. In mid-March, the initial phase (Phase 1, computer people love labels) of "provide basic information to the public" was rolled out on a new hosting platform (saving the club $180 a year).

The plan going forward is to demo the event management features (Phase 2) to the Board of Directors for feedback and approval in Summer 2021 and roll out the full website for debut for the next dance.

Questions, feedback, or website issues; please let us know by filling out the feedback form or emailing Webmaster.
Last Modified: August 09 2021 @ 18:19 PDT