Hayward Dance Club FAQ


  1. What is the Hayward Dance Club all about?
  2. How does membership work?
  3. How much does membership cost?
  4. Do I have to join HDC as a couple?
  5. What is a typical dance like?
  6. What if I can't attend a dance?


  1. What is being a guest all about?
  2. How do I apply for membership?


  1. What is the impact from the covid-19 pandemic?
  2. Whoa, what's with the new website?
  3. Why can't I see the calendar and photos?
  4. What if I need help?
  5. How do I arrange to sit with my friends?
  6. How do I fill out or see results from a club survey?


1. What is the Hayward Dance Club all about?

The Hayward Dance Club (HDC) is a social dance club which has been around since 1938. We are all about "How can we regularly get together with people we know to create some really nice dinner and ballroom dance events with live music?" Our members and invited guests draw from the diverse population of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We hold our quarterly dances at the beautiful Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, California. The venue provides a large permanent dance floor with a performing stage for the band and an adjacent bar. At each dinner dance, club members enjoy excellent food, lively conversations, and dancing to a variety of live music from top bands in the SF Bay Area. Our band selections provide music for a variety of couples oriented ballroom style dancing: typically foxtrot, rumba, cha-cha, east coast swing, tango, samba, waltz, Viennese waltz, night club two-step, and every once in a while a hustle, quick step, bolero, merengue, or salsa. The nice dance floor at the Castlewood Country Club provides a large well lighted space to enjoy the fun traveling dances.

2. How does membership work?

Membership in HDC is a commitment to pay for four (4) dinner dances a year for two people. We have paid membership to ensure we have enough people at each event to pay for good food, a nice dance venue, and quality live music. Typically, members have some knowledge and skill in several couple oriented ballroom style dances such as foxtrot, rumba, cha-cha, east coast swing, tango, samba, waltz, Viennese waltz, night club two-step and perhaps even hustle, quick step, bolero, merengue, or salsa. One of the nice aspects of the club is that we enjoy not only dancing and socializing, but also inviting and welcoming sponsored guests and meeting new people.

Membership (and dance event attendance as a guest) in the HDC is by invitation only. Guests are always welcome. The Hayward Dance Club welcomes inquiries from prospective members and guests. For more information, please contact us.

3. How much does membership cost?

The current membership cost for the dinner dance is $155 a couple. Members are billed semi-annually for two (2) dances. Currently, members are billed $310 semi-annually

4. Do I have to join HDC as a couple?

Yes. You don't have to be a couple, but single persons must sign up for two memberships and attend dances with a dance partner. The club requires that people sign up as a couple to have predictability in both a balanced dancing partner ratio and the financial support of the fixed costs of the dances to ease planning. We currently have two membership options.
  • Member Couple: Both members of a (usually married or long term committed) couple sign up.
  • Member and Partner: A single person can join paying for a membership without necessarily having a consistent partner. There are currently a handful of Member and Partner members and they usually invite former members or other dancers in the east bay dance community. (The author personally finds this to be an impressive and delightful date opportunity for way cheaper than a typical holiday dinner dance party with live music.)

5. What is a typical dance like?

We enjoy an elegant evening with a nice dinner, live music for dancing, and lively conversation with existing and new friends. Attendees enjoy an opportunity to don their finest evening attire and strut their stuff. Each quarterly dance has a specific theme determined by our Dance Advisor. The adjacent no-host bar is open for pre-dinner socializing and dinner is served at 7:30 PM. We enjoy a catered dinner at tables of 4 or 5 couples and the band begins playing as we wrap up dinner with a wide variety of ballroom dance music until about 11:00 PM. There are announcements during the break to discuss club news and welcome visitors.

6. What if I can't attend a dance?

Members own their seats for the dances they've paid for. Like any event ticket they have options to:
  1. They can sell them directly to guests of current members. (Informing the Treasurer so we can adjust place setting names and ensure that guests are well taken care of.)
  2. Offer them to the Treasurer for resale. Although there is no guarantee, we typically have good success in reselling tickets on a first come, first serve basis (meaning the longer you wait, the farther back in the line you will be and the lower the probability of someone buying them).


1. What is being a guest all about?

Guests invited by current members are always welcome. Club dance event logistics (meal selection, seating) for guests is arranged by your host member couple. Guest couple cost is $180 per event to be paid within 2 weeks of the event. After attending three (3) events, guests are encouraged to become members. At each event, we will announce the guests and give people an opportunity to welcome you and get to know you. We will work with your hosts and get your name and email and give you the opportunity to receive our newsletter and notifications for future events.

2. How do I apply for membership?

Inform the hosts that sponsored you on one of your guest dance events and they will get in touch with the membership chairperson. Make sure we have your current email and contact data and the membership chairperson will get together and forward you a membership packet explaining all the details. After you submit your membership request you will receive an invoice for the next semester (2 dances) and once it is paid you are a member.


1. What is the impact from the covid-19 pandemic?

The May 15 2020 and subsequent dances have been canceled. All membership fees are being rolled forward and will be applied to the next dances. We are expecting our first dance to be in September 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

2. Whoa, what's with the new website?

In January 2020 our new Membership Chairman, Jerry Bowes, signed up to take over the website from Michael Nelson. Given his background with website design, Jerry began designing a new site that would make managing the club easier and enable the membership more options for "self service" for things like selecting menu options at dance events, arranging seating with friends, and signing up guests. In mid-March, the initial phase (Phase 1, computer people love labels) of "provide basic information to the public" was rolled out on a new hosting platform (saving the club $180 a year).

The plan going forward is to demo the event management features (Phase 2) to the Board of Directors for feedback and approval in Summer 2021 and roll out the full website for debut for the next dance.

3. Why can't I see the calendar and photos?

The website has two personalities. The public view is about providing basic information and facilitating invited guests having an excellent experience at one of our dance events. For the Phase 2 website rollout, every member will have a login and password and after successfully logging in will have access to the event calendar, photos taken from prior events, newsletters, and the member directory. There will be a lot of communication to the membership about details, you will hear more as we approach the next dance.

4. What if I need help?

You can fill out the feedback form to provide feedback or to ask specific questions. We will work hard to place answers to your questions that might have broader usage in our frequently asked questions.

5. How do I arrange to sit with my friends?

Currently, paid members send an email to HDC.reservations@gmail.com that includes their menu choices and list of people with whom they wish to sit. Starting with the next dance, everyone will be able to select their meal entree and table through the website. We will keep the option to send email, but want to encourage member self service. (We will update this FAQ with details when that capability is ready, check back in Fall 2021.)

6. How do I fill out or see results from a club survey?

The website rolled out the survey utility in Summer 2021 and allows membership to not only give their input on matters involving the club but also (after the survey is closed) to see the results for all past surveys. Once you have logged in, there will be a link labeled "Surveys" in the navigation bar at the top of the page. That will lead you to the survey utility where you can take the currently open survey or see the results of past surveys. There is more help availble at the home page of the Survey utility on how to use it.

Questions, feedback, or website issues; please let us know by filling out the feedback form or emailing Webmaster.
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